Sea Turtles and Giraffes

Choose two animals that you like and briefly summarize their reproductive behaviors.

Sea turtles reproduce sexually. A female may copulate with several males just offshore during specific times of the year. Internal fertilization occurs and the oviparous female climbs to shore to lay her eggs. One turtle may lay 50 to 200 eggs in one clutch, but may also lay 1 to 9 clutches per season. Females only tend to reproduce every two or three years, however. Only a small fraction of hatchlings make it to maturity, as 90% are killed by predation.

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Giraffes also reproduce sexually by internal fertilization. They are viviparous, however, and only give birth to one offspring per cycle. Because of this, mother giraffes display great parental investment. Juveniles usually remain dependent on their mother for 12-18 months after birth.

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