Body Tissue

What are the major types of tissue found in your body?

There are four major types of tissues found in the human body:

  1. Connective tissues secrete specific extracellular matrices for different purposes. Loose connective tissue provides padding, dense connective tissue creates a durable but flexible connection between muscles, bones and organs, supporting connective tissue make up bone and cartilage that provide support, and fluid connective tissue functions in circulation.
  2. Nervous tissues are the neurons and supporting cells that allow for the transmission of electrical signals.
  3. Muscle tissues function to allow movement. Skeletal muscles attach to bones and create body movement with different combinations of contractions. Cardiac muscles are responsible for pumping blood throughout the circulatory system. Smooth muscles line the gut and circulatory system to regulate the movement of particles throughout the body.
  4. Epithelial tissues are located on the surface of the body, all organs and are essential in forming glands, which secrete chemicals such as hormones.

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