Plant Diversity

Which groups of plants are the most diverse? Why do you think this group has diversified so much more than the other ones?

Angiosperms, or flowering seed plants, are by far the most species-rich lineage of all plant groups. They have been able to diversify to this extent because of their reproductive efficiency with the presence of flowers. Unlike other plant categories, the angiosperm zygotes may be fertilized through animal pollination in addition to wind pollination. The use of animals in this process increases its accuracy. Flowering plants also have an carpel, which contains the ovary and later develops into a fruit surrounding the fertilized seed. Fruits can then be ingested by animals who pass the seeds as waste elsewhere. The utilization of animals in dispersal also increases reproductive efficiency.

Another adaptation, besides reproduction, includes the development of vessels. The presence of vessels makes water transportation throughout the cells quicker and easier. Water loss decreases with this efficiency and allows angiosperms to thrive in areas of low moisture.


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