Rising Sea Levels!

If you haven’t already heard about the amazing speech Dr. Howard Frumkin gave at the 2007 NCSE National Conference on Science, Policy, and the Environment, then I suggest you check it out:


He discusses the huge connections between environmental and health sciences that are very often overlooked. One of the main topics discussed in this speech that I could not help noticing was the information on rising sea levels due to global climate change. This has been a huge topic up for debate recently on the eastern shore of the United States, and most especially in the great state of North Carolina. Action needs to be taken to prepare for the potential dangers of coastal flooding and rising sea levels, yet many people would rather stick their head in the sand. If you are not up to date on the policies that are continuing to ignore the warnings of environmental scientists, I would recommend reading these articles on the events that took place this past summer. Then, take action to spread the word. These are real issues taking place right now.





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